Memories – 1965 to 1971

Tony Dobbs (1968), Chemistry, has shared some memories of his time at York. At school, in 1964, I was considering different options for my UKAS application form. But it was pretty much a case of elimination. I was at a comprehensive school in Harlow, Essex. I had failed my German O level and Latin was … Continue reading Memories – 1965 to 1971

Willow to Fibbers: York’s lost nightclubs

York is renowned for its abundant pubs, but since the University’s founding in the 60s an influx of partying students would allow the nightlife of the once slumberous city to flourish. Unfortunately, many of these establishments have folded and been unceremoniously replaced over the years. Alas, the legendary Willow restaurant closed in recent years and … Continue reading Willow to Fibbers: York’s lost nightclubs