A York Alumni Love Story: Matt & Lewis

From an online connection during Covid to planning a wedding, their journey from York to Durham is filled with cherished memories and exciting future plans.

“We met each other online during our second and first years at the height of Covid and connected straight away and within a week we had already had our first date. We walked along the river and went to the outlet, it went on for 6 hours!

Many dates followed in the weeks to follow and the rest is history as they say. Within a year we moved in together during our final years, into a tiny one bed flat near the river in Fulford. Two places are really special for both of us, the first is the outlet where we had our first date, but more so is the millennium walk along the River Ouse. We spent many hours walking down there, especially after we had moved in together and really got to know each other and grow together as a couple. Our first house together is the place we miss most about our life in York.

Our life has changed dramatically since graduating. We recently got engaged at the Shard and have since booked and have been planning our wedding! Since moving we have been very busy. I’ve started my first job which has been very full on and intense Lewis has been studying for his masters. We have never forgotten York and try to make a trip as often as we can, it will always have a special place in our hearts with so many special memories for both of us.

We have since moved together and now live in Durham. Lewis is studying for his Masters in Sports Psychology at Newcastle University and I have started my first job as an R&D chemist researching fragrances for a perfume manufacturer. We are currently planning the next stage of our lives, we don’t know what that will have in store yet but are both very excited for the future and a future together with each other.”

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