Valentine’s Day Love Stories Special 2024

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with heartwarming tales of love from University of York alumni, exclusively on Alumni Voices.

Marcus & Natalie

“I fell in love with Natalie in my third year of university when I was just back from a spell in the US and she was starting her second year. We got together in Ikon and Diva, one of the most romantic places on the planet and basically I lived at hers for the whole of my third year. The best time in my life so far was when I finished my exams and I just woke up at hers, walked the dog to mine, played computer games all afternoon then went out partying every single day.

We love to travel and are always looking forward to a holiday. For example we went on safari in October and are going to Mauritius for Easter. We have two dogs, a cat and three guinea pigs as well as the kids so that keeps us super busy. We still hang out with a good set of friends from the mighty Langwith college.

Natalie and I have now been together for 20 years, married for 17 and are still deeply in love. We have two wonderful children; Max, 11; and Ivy 9. We live in South Oxfordshire. I am a consulting partner at E&Y and Natalie is a dog walker. We lived in Dubai from 2015 to 2017 when I was out there with work.”

Adam & Alice

“The law school teaches via problem based learning which is very practical so you get placed into student law firms who compete from time to time. We were often against each other and that’s how we met. I was impressed by how Alice thrashed my entire student law firm almost by herself in a negotiation! We then trudged through the snow together to go for a drink at the Charles. The first proper date we met up at Delrio’s.

We bought our house together after I relocated up north in Greater Manchester, originally born in London. My fiancée and I have both qualified as solicitors. Alice works for Greater Manchester Police and I work for Manchester City Council. We got a puppy in lockdown, a Staffordshire bull terrier called Willow (we both liked the name but realise now all our friends think we named her after the actual Willow, maybe it was a subconscious thing – though we did spend many nights there together).

We celebrate our 11th anniversary on 21st February 2024. We are now engaged and will be getting married in August this year!”

Annie & Christian

“We met in the infamous Willow nightclub after a house party. We were both there with a bunch of people from PantSoc and ended up meeting later on in the night. We can’t really remember what was playing at the time so we always say ‘Africa’ by Toto is our song because it was played there so often! We had our first date at Lucia which was crashed by our future best man, who also happened to be the person who introduced us. I studied Psychology and he studied Maths. 

We got married in August 2023 in Thirsk after nearly 9 years together and our bridal party was mainly made up of people we met in PantSoc at York. Lots of our friends still live in York so we’re always back visiting. We live in Teesside now with our dog, Bo. I’m a teacher and he works in insolvency.”

Kimberley & Sean

“We first met at the student night on a Monday in the Heslington pub, The Charles XII. I was the bright blonde barmaid with a face full of piercings and Sean was the tall, long haired Goth – love at first sight! Sean was a fresher and I was a third year – the scandal! We were inseparable in that first year and then I graduated and left to travel and Sean completed his degree. We did the long distance thing for a while, always knowing we were meant for each other. Finally, after his fourth year in Singapore and I’d completed my PGCE, we moved in together and two years later, settled in Cambridge.

This year, as we approached our 17th anniversary, we married in Cambridge and are now expecting our first child – a son. It’s a busy time as Sean completes his PhD and we are looking to move to The Netherlands later this year. Life has never been dull together and we are so looking forward to this very new and very exciting chapter in 2024!

I have become an Assistant Headteacher leading teaching and learning in a secondary school and 6th form. My love of the social sciences continued as I undertook an MEd at Cambridge University in 2018, researching educational practices.

Sean worked in industry for nearly a decade as a medicinal chemist. In 2020 he started a PhD in Chemical Biology at Trinity College, Dublin and is just finishing his thesis. Both of us have travelled the world together, undertaking adventures such as the Uganda Marathon, trekking the Inca Trail in Peru and climbing Mount Fuji.”

Sarah & Tom

“My MA year at York was magical. I had a really special group of friends – we used to do everything together. Tom originally lived out of campus. He was also doing an MA in English and so we met through department events, some mutual friends’ parties and a Finnegans Wake reading group, but I didn’t know him that well and just saw him as a handsome stranger! When he moved onto campus midyear he became part of our group, which was like an extended family. We got to know each other better and then a drunken kiss outside of Dusk cocktail bar led to us getting together. 

We both moved to London for a year, and then came back to York to study for a PGCE together.

Amusingly, when we came back to York to do a PGCE together, we didn’t initially introduce ourselves as a couple. Someone on our course pulled me aside to say she thought Tom might fancy me!

We got married in 2012, in York of course! There were lots of York alumni at our wedding. We were the first wedding the late Dr David Efird was part of in his role as a priest, which was really special. We now have a beautiful daughter, Iris, who is 8 years old and just as into reading as her parents are. We live in Thirsk so we often visit York, especially to visit the Harry Potter shop these days! We try to keep in touch with our group from Wentworth, but don’t see them as often as we should. Last year we had a reunion in York and saw people we’d not seen in years. There’s another married couple from our group too!

We were both teachers for a good number of years, and now my husband is a Finance Business Partner for the civil service and I am a Programme Manager for RBL. We’ve been together for 16 years now.”

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