A York Alumni Love Story: Lily & Emily

From a dating app and cross university long distance to living in bliss, we hear about Lily and Emily’s love story.
“Whilst Emily didn’t go to York, we fell in love there and she was so immersed in the University of York culture. We met on a dating app whilst at university – she went to Durham which was a 40 minute train journey away. I figured the distance was short enough to try dating and we had our first date in York (a restaurant called Hook & Line (which has since shut), followed by a trip to the Postern Gate Wetherspoons. We were smitten after that and spent every other weekend in York together where she was quickly welcomed by my Archaeology course friends and housemates.

We bought a flat together in April last year and have been living in bliss ever since. We’ve both started our first jobs – she loves hers, I’m still finding my way in mine. We also adopted two lovely kittens in June and we’re now a lovely little family of four!

We regularly go to visit York (we’re actually going again at the end of this week) along with all of my housemates from university and we’re doing a tour of all of our favourite places in the city. A trip to Courtyard for the nachos is a must!

Regarding the photo, I’m actually the one not wearing the University of York jumper – she likes to wear my things.”

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  1. Colin Cunningham. 006

    From the c200 initial intake there were marriages in excess of the number I would have anticipated. Peter Robinson and Christina Bond ( who married in Heslington church and had their reception in Hes Hall) (I was best man). Philip Negus/ Judith Bellin. Chas Renfro/Pat Candlin, Ian Duncan/ Jane Roper All 63 ers. Then 63/ 64. Mike Costain/Pam Ebert*, John Holmes/Hilary Butler, There may well be more I don’t know about. My pal Pete Woods/Janet Lodder (both 64) had a child attend York too.
    * I was a mere groomsman there!
    Scope for some photos at the reunion?

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