A York Alumni Love Story: Pritika & Davide

Davide is from Italy and I am from India. We both came to the University of York to do our Masters in 2011. We met on our second day in York at a university event.

He kept complimenting me on my very multicoloured scarf. At first, I didn’t know that was a move so I offered to give him my scarf if he liked it that much. He then got my number (and returned my scarf).

We spent some fun nights eating, drinking, studying and partying in York. Two months into our time at York, I received a call from my sister – my father had undergone a heart attack. Things didn’t sound good. In my heart I somehow knew my father wouldn’t make it.

It was a very tough time to share all I was feeling because many of my relationships at York were very new, including Davide. I texted him when I found out. He was my hero, he ran in the rain (like a Hindi movie scene) to come to me, help me buy my ticket to India, got me on a train to Manchester, ran to the ATM to help me with money and stood by me every second of the way while I was quite shocked. I boarded the train and I looked at him, kissed him and said, “If my father doesn’t make it, I might not be able to come back to the University of York, so I don’t know if I’ll see you again.” He looked at me and very confidently said, “Don’t worry, I’ll come find you”.

My father did pass away but I ended up coming back to the university to finish my degree; this time with a hole in my heart. Davide was a new friend but he was so committed that I just knew he was the one.

We survived two years of long distance across many timezones, then Davide moved to Dubai. He asked my mother for my hand in marriage (respecting our Indian traditions), adopted my culture, family and ways with full commitment and conviction – the way he did back in 2011 on the train.

Today we have been married for six years (our anniversary was on the 25th of February). We have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, who is two and a half years old now. We live in Dubai and look forward to visiting York again soon.

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