A York Alumni Love Story: Shirley and Matt (and their son, Will)

Introducing Shirley and Matt, who met in the first term of their first year in Goodricke in October 1989. Matt was studying Computer Science and Shirley was studying Social Policy.
After graduating in 1992, they went their separate ways but eventually reunited in 1993. They were married in 1997 and have now been married 25 years.

Shirley and Matt have two adult sons. The youngest, Will, is now a student at the University of York, studying PPE in Derwent College.

“When we dropped Will off for his first term on campus we were surprised to see how much the university has grown since we began our studies in 1989. Our college, Goodricke, along with others had upped sticks and moved East! Continuing down the generations, it was refreshing to see the room Will was allocated in Derwent B Block had remained very similar to our rooms several decades ago.”

Shirley and Matt

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