A York Alumni Love Story: Lauren and Luke

Introducing another York alumni love story from James College alum, Lauren and Luke.

Lauren and Luke met because they lived together in James College

Love in James College

“My husband and I have lived together since the day we first met. Our rooms were opposite each other in the top corner of Block C2, James College. Serendipity played its part from the beginning. As I had applied to a totally different college in a bid for an en-suite bathroom! Although initially “just friends”, Luke and I started dating in February 2007. Only a few weeks after signing the contract for an 8-bed house for 2nd year! A slightly risky move, but one which worked out well, to our housemates’ relief. University for us both centred on our close friendships with those original C2 members plus one or two others we adopted along the way. This tribe has often remained an essential lifeline for us all in the decade since.”

Lauren and Luke at a James College flat party – 2007

The Temple of Brew

“During our 2nd and 3rd year we lived in Heworth, in a house we all called the Temple of Brew. We continued a borderline nocturnal existence of nights out, binging on Breaking Bad (before it was cool), York’s yummy chicken, and too-frequent trips to Reflex. We sometimes threw in the odd lecture and all-nighter for good measure, resulting in a 1st in Mathematics for Luke and a 2:1 in English Literature for me. Since York, we’ve moved down South and resisted all acknowledgement of impending adulthood. We’ve learned how to snowboard and completed numerous triathlons. We’ve visited almost 30 countries together and attended 25 weddings. We are still guilty of wasting away a Sunday watching the telly.”

Lauren’s graduation day – 2009
Luke’s graduation – 2009

York nuptials

“After almost 13 years together, we finally got married in October 2019 – in York, of course. Serendipity struck again when we had glorious 25° sunshine, despite the nation and surrounding days being thrashed by Storm Callum. We had the most amazing honeymoon in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, and continue to be very lucky; this year we returned from a five-week adventure along the east coast of Australia and Singapore. Returning only seven days before the UK went into lockdown! The pandemic has seen Luke and I 3D printing, assembling, and sterilising hundreds of face shields for vulnerable workers. All whilst I was job hunting for two months in a challenging market. Now both employed again, and with regular remote working becoming a business reality, it may be that the permanent return to York we’ve always discussed might happen sooner than we thought…”

Lauren and Luke got married in York in 2019

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  1. Everyone says that they know a couple that were “meant for each other” … Lauren and Luke really were. I’m lucky enough to have known Luke since I was 12 years old, and by chance we were put in the same Halls at York Uni. I met Lauren on our first day in those halls, and we’ve been best friends ever since. Part of the inseparable ‘C2 crew’ of loyal friends, we had the most fun it’s possible to have, followed by so many years of close knit support, kindness and love. We were all meant for each other.

    1. This is such a lovely comment and so nice to hear about your time at York. Thank you for sharing!

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