A York Alumni Love Story: Daniel and Barbara

Introducing another York alumni love story, Daniel and Barbara. Who came together over their love for academia.

Daniel and Barbara are both from Mexico and met on their very first day at the University of York

Daniel and Barbara graduated in 2018. Barbara studied an MA in Women, Violence and Conflict and Daniel studied an LLM in International Human Rights Law.

Knowledge share

Barbara and Daniel are both from Mexico and met on their very first day right here at the University of York. Academia brought them together, Daniel explains, “I’m a lawyer so Barbara would ask me questions about law, and she is a psychologist and researcher, so I would ask her questions about methodology. We quickly became best friends.”

Barbara and Daniel exploring York Shambles

Library love

Their favourite place on campus was the University of York Library and they both have fond memories of studying there together.

We asked them, What do you miss most about your time at the University of York? Barbara says “The library! I loved being surrounded by the books and the feeling of companionship with people from all over the world” and Daniel agreed, “I’d have to say the library, too! It really became our second home”

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